Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm JIP UI '10

Just wanna tell you a little bit about my new campus life. I'm not 'white-grey squad' anymore. It's look like a dream when I see the campus life, totally different with school life. New friend, new place, new atmosphere, new things, new cafetaria, new fasilitator, and new spirit of course. My task now: learn of something that I never knew before, love something that I hated for years, and believe if God help me to show the right way for me.
Why time runs so fast? I've just study at college about 2 months. So many things that I got in that time. New friend exactly, they're precious for me. Many event that make us closer :)
at UI lake, after being choir
having fun with JIP '10 (@margo)
craziest ever friend
I hope everything gonna allright until graduation u,u and everybody can support me to be better and mature ;)

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