Wednesday, January 19, 2011


January is the month I like the most. Why? because January is the first month of each year, the new month, the month that always makes me excited, and of course, because January is the month of my birth, precisely on 18 January. I do not know why I really liked the combination of numbers 18 and month of January . seems perfect for me. Oops, if everyone felt the same on the date of his birth? hahaha: p
in this post, I want to tell you about yesterday, yak right on my birthday. day yesterday did not like the days normally. I have trouble sleeping, waking at 3:00 am. Not because of waiting for a surprise, but because the sound of rain and lightning so loud that disturb my tight sleep. I finally decided to check my phone. And, sure enough, lots of short messages and notification are listed on the screen. I also reply to the brief message, and try to sleep again. but it turned out I could not. I stared out the window, out there the sky was overcast thunderous lightning . Scary :( I kept staring at the sky, and the time is shown at 5 am. My father walked into the room and say happy birthday. He was the first person in this house

that speaks to me. Sweet, uh? after that continued with the mother and brother .
A few minutes later, my grandma came, she made a special food birthday. She is very nice and always care to me, never angry J Very tasty homemade food, become lunch’ menus yesterday. *Like a fairy tale? Hehe. I’m so glad to see a birthday greetings that kept coming, especially on facebook. I must reply 115 walls. Like being artist of the day hahaha. Hhm almost forget, tiramisu cake that my mom bought yesterday was very delicious and sweet. It was a beautiful day in January 2011 J

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