Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Refreshing di Kebun Raya Bogor

Counting days. I want more......... holiday! Never feel enough to spend time for walk along, talk freely without worrying about any tasks that wanna kill slowly. In the remains of this holiday, Bogor Botanical Garden become our (maybe) last destination before deal with real life at campus next week hahaha. Ok, this is!
How beautiful

That's why we choose Bogor Botanical Garden as our destination. The view is soooooo rare to be found in Jakarta. Blue, white, and green always bring good combination for our eyes. Surprisely Bogor was so hot like Jakarta. Even with less pollution, but still make me busy wiping sweat.
When I was kid, I have one wish that I hope it could be true someday.You know what it is? I want to sit on a cloud with lovely people. And, yah. What a fool wish. Perhaps, this is all due to its frequency of watching Doraemon hahaha. But, I guess everyone ever think to have special friend like Doraemon :3 Loyal, patient, kind, and helpful. Ah, I wish I can find someone like Doraemon someday hihihi.
Lying in the grassland, overlooking the expanse of clouds, then imagining about something fun. Mood booster. I love being like that :)

Unimportant thing to be post hahaha. My shoes which prop my feet up to Bogor Botanical Garden. No matter how dull it is, I still wear it, because so comfortable. As well as friendship, I made friends with people who make me comfortable, not with who make me cool. Because, when you will comfortable with some people, You do not need to think about many things that make you afraid, because you were too busy with the people you care :)
She is one of my friends who just back from Jambi. She is younger than me. 
Captured by Nada. I don't know why I feel my face always change everyday-___- Sometimes nice, sometimes uuum no comment. Just realized.
Well, that's it. Feel free to comment anyway.
Btw, if you ask me why i choose english for this 2 new post? The answer is I really really feel to practice english, after 2 years vacuum. So, let me do practice on my blog hehehe :)


Claude C Kenni said...

Pernah ke sini waktu SMP dulu...memang enak dan sejuk tempatnya, hehehe

Retno Andini said...

hehehe iya bener, tapi panasnya gak tahan :'>

air kelapa untuk ibu hamil said...

Zaman SMK ke sini, dua kali balik, happy sih walaupun capek jalan, tapi bahagia aja gitu bawaannya, hehehe


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