Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weird-but-fun holiday

Hello hello hello!
I just wanna share about my weird-but-fun holiday. Around the town. Get lost. Wet due the rain. Anything, but i enjoy every second we spent together for sure. Maybe, these photographs will help to illustrate my vacation.
Yes, they are! Who made me vigorous to get college everyday, even Saturday. Also, make my holiday do awesome mihihi :3

Always in love with the architecture of this building. Such as the royal castle of some countries.
Spaghetti ice cream

Creamy. Little bit sour. Hv various topping. You can only find at Ragusa, Jl. Veteran I no.10 Jakarta Pusat. For you who addicted with ice cream, it's a must to visit this historical ice cream stall :)
Coupe de maison
 The green one named coupe de maison. I'm totally forgot to taste it. I'm just too busy with my spaghetti ice cream hehehe. But, surely it's tasty.
Ricat, Me, Moe, Umaru, Sinta, & Riki
What a day! Ice cream become our main menu, not our dessert. Then, We're going to Kota Tua for find any food just become our dessert. We choose Soto Ayam as our dessert. Well, I have no idea about this little weird thing hahaha.
In the middle of our journey to Kota Tua, I take this umm, honestly grief set immediately. River? But, why the water was so raven black. Like oil for any transportation. Horrible.
Museum Wayang
Rainy. This is my first time to get rain when in the Kota Tua. Romantic? Oh, totally not. The only exception is when you holding your boy friend's hand then the other hand hold an umbrella. Uh.
Batavia Cafe
 I wish I can get in someday. Last but not least, this is me with messy things. Thank you for reading ;)

See you in next post {}


Anonymous said...

itu artinya apa ? (-_-) gak ngerti b.inggris *memalukan

Unknown said...

wew... ragusa.. pengeeeen :)

mau mau mau :P

Retno Andini said...

@agam buka kamus aja :p hehehe
@nona enak loh hihi coba deh

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