Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being busy

Hey, there! Sorry for my unproductive habit then my blog hasn't been updated with my story of my life for two months maybe. Well, I'm kinda busy since first day I'm turning on my campus life. New routine, new things, new story of course. In this year, I'm concern to do my duty, being coordinator of my faculty on Green Community University of Indonesia. As you think, this community engaged with environmental things. Green, green, and greeeeeeen. I never expected become like this actually, I dunno why life have too much surprises inside. Me, a girl who sometimes indifferent with environment surrounding, become more pay attention in 2012. Such a positive transformation I think hahahaha. So many environmental-care activities that I've joined in this three months. It gave me so much things to learned honestly. Ok, that's my new routine.
How about my common routine? Lecture. So true. So commonly you know about this routine since 2010. But, in this term, everything looks so different than the last terms. Assignments are so RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR. Believe me, I'm not lying. I spent my time to do all of my assignment as soon as possible.Ouch! Not all of my time I used to do that. I need some time to shopping, karaoke, and me time :) I make balanced as possible for these things. Now? What I'm doing? Contemplating the fate due to run out of ideas for the tasks. So, I opened hihihi.
Enough. I'm going to sleep, because my clock show the time is already 0:37. I'm swear I'll make precious post for you, next week. I have surprise for you, readers. Thank you for waiting my new post ;)
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