Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random Me

You have what others don't
You can do what others can't
You can choose while others only have one option
You complained something while others feel enough for what they got, even nothing
You happily played a game while others were tried to sleep
You slept while others were prayed and worked

Sometimes, i feel me... that condition
Oh, yes
We are human
But, it doesn't mean we should say 'oh that's ok' continously for what we've done
When i think, it's a mistake
I feel deeply down and talk to myself
 'Oh, God, sorry again'

And then i say,
Thanks God
For save me
For keep letting me awake
For always being here
For bless me

Feel grateful for anything

ps: sorry for my bad english, incorrect grammar, and poor vocabulary. I just randomly write all above when my neighborhood are celebrating the agustusan in front of my house. And you know the time show that it is almost midnight. Zzzzzz......

Retno Andini, 23:40

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